Announcing the candidates for the National Executive Committee 2024-2026

CAPE is pleased to share the list of nominees for all the positions to be filled on the National Executive Committee for the upcoming 2024-2026 mandate.

Summary of nominations:

  1. 8 candidates running for President: 1 position to fill
  2. 2 candidates running for Vice-President TR: 1 position to fill
  3. 3 candidates running for Vice-President EC/LoP/OPBO: 1 position to fill
  4. 40 candidates running for EC Director: 23 positions to fill
  5. 1 candidate submitted a nomination package for TR Director: 2 positions to fill
  6. 0 candidates running for LoP Director: 1 position to fill
  7. 0 candidates running for OPBO Director: 1 position to fill

List of candidates

Please see below for the list of all candidates confirmed eligible by the Elections and Resolutions Committee.

Note that the order in which names appear on the lists for each position category has been randomized to avoid giving any candidate undue advantage. Please note that, throughout the electoral process, lists and ballots will be systematically randomized.


  • Sami Rehman
  • Jonathan Brulotte
  • Bernadeth Betchi
  • Camille Awada
  • Kelly Mansfield
  • Granda Kopytko
  • Nathan Prier
  • Alex Butler

>>Vice-President - EC/LoP/OPBO

  • Sandy Harquail
  • Annie Yeo
  • Maureen Collins

>>Vice-President - TR

  • Caroline Pageau
  • André Picotte

>>EC Director

  • Julian Morrison
  • Holly Richter White
  • Megan Wylie
  • Brian Latour
  • Masha Davidovic
  • Douglas Hagar
  • Woody Brown
  • Julia Szwarc
  • Janet Akins
  • Lily Spek
  • Bogdan Panasyuk
  • Ann Kurikshuk-Nemec
  • Greer Brabazon
  • Sydney Holmes
  • Carter Vance
  • Charlene Lonmo
  • Sean Dwyer
  • Rutvi Ajmera
  • Andriy Okladov
  • Andreas Trau
  • Scott Crawford
  • Kenneth Martin
  • Alexis Brabant
  • Carmelle Goldberg
  • Peter Ives
  • Nora Curti
  • Frederic Laberge
  • Anthony Coles
  • Alexander Petras
  • Jason King
  • Frank Assu
  • Neil Burron
  • Pinelopi Makrodimitris
  • Carey Hill
  • Michel Larcher
  • Howard Delnick
  • Jeremy Solomon
  • Michael Capobianco
  • Trevor Green
  • Laura Munroe

>>TR Director

  • Antoine Hersberger

Acclamation and vacancies

CAPE wishes to congratulate Mr. Antoine Hersberger who is acclaimed as TR Director.

The three positions that remain vacant will be filled at a later date, and as per the provisions of Article 21 of the CAPE Constitution.

Voting period

The voting period will begin on November 9, right after the Annual General Meeting on November 8, and end on November 23.

Debates and candidates’ information

More information about debates and other campaign materials will be available soon.