Bargaining teams

The work that goes into drafting and securing your collective agreement involves a robust negotiation process between your bargaining team and the employer. Collective agreements are often agreed upon following extensive back and forth between parties. Each classification group is represented by its own bargaining team.

CAPE bargaining team members are volunteers chosen from the bargaining committee. Once formed, bargaining teams then work closely with our experts and chief negotiator to ready themselves for the negotiations. Their role is to negotiate with the employer in good faith, following a mandate developed around priorities identified by the members. Bargaining teams are supervised by CAPE's Bargaining committee.

Find out more about the bargaining teams in CAPE’s by-laws.


New negotiating teams for each round of negotiations

Well before your collective agreement expires, CAPE launches a process to create a new bargaining committee. Bargaining team members are then selected among members of the committee. Any member can volunteer to sit on the collective bargaining committee, whenever a call for volunteers is issued.

Bargaining Committees 2021

Find below a list of Collective Bargaining Committees and their members for each table.


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