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Le Droit - February 4
Bienvenue dans le merveilleux monde de Nate (French only)

Ottawa Citizen - January 19
Public service union's new president focused on 'moving forwards'


La Presse - December 16
Nouveaux chocs acoustiques au parlement (French only)

Ottawa Citizen - December 14
CAPE public-service union elects Nathan Prier as its new president

Radio-Canada - September 1
Système de paie Phénix : 4,3 millions d’heures de congé payées en guise de compensation (French only)

CBC - September 1
Feds must 'step up' and compensate every worker affected by Phoenix, says union

CBC - August 4
Federal unions watching AI's usage in the workplace closely

Radio-Canada - August 3 
L’intelligence artificielle se fraie un chemin dans la fonction publique fédérale (French only)

Radio-Canada - July 26
Les syndicats réagissent à la nomination d’Anita Anand au Conseil du Trésor (French only)

Francopresse - June 26
La santé des interprètes toujours en jeu sur la Colline (French only)

The Hill Times - June 26
Uptick in Phoenix backlog due to number of transactions growing ‘significantly’ in recent years, says PSPC, as unions decry lack of progress

The Hill Times - May 24
Level of House interpretation service a continued cause for concern

CTV Ottawa - May 18
Canadian Association of Professional Employees reaches four-year deal with federal government

La Presse - April 19
La ministre Jaczek promet de protéger les interprètes (French only)

Ottawa Citizen - April 19
Public service unions encourage members to support PSAC workers while they're on strike

La Presse - April 17
Interprète, un travail risqué (French only)

The Hill Times - March 20
Hill Times editorial: One incident is one too many

Canadian Press - CTV - February 6
Federal government not protecting Parliament Hill interpreters: tribunal

Radio-Canada - February 6 
Blessures auditives des interprètes : changements attendus, mais encore des craintes (French only)

Le Droit - February 3
Ottawa n’a pas veillé à la protection de ses interprètes (French only)

The Hill Times - January 30
Space issues cropping up, say public servants, unions, as PSPC committed to ‘providing 260,000 federal public servants with modern workspaces’

The Hill Times - January 23
Public servants, unions concerned about transit issues, child care shortages, public health, one week into back-to-hybrid-workplace mandate

Radio-Canada - January 19
2500 plaintes de fonctionnaires canadiens pour du travail donné à des consultants (French only)

Le Droit - January 16 
La fonction publique fragilisée par la politique de retour sur les lieux de travail (French only)

ICI Radio-Canada - January 14
Des syndicats estiment que le retour au bureau mettrait les fonctionnaires en danger (French only)

CTV News - January 13
Unions call on federal government to halt return-to-office plan for employees

Ottawa Citizen - January 13
Carr and Phillips: Return-to-office policy puts Canada's public servants at risk 



ICI Radio-Canada: 6:07 - December 21
Retour sur les lieux de travail (French only)

CityNews Everywhere - December 19
CAPE president says back to in-person work decision 'disrespectful'

CityNews Ottawa - Hour 3 - December 19

The Hill Times - December 19
Chamber of Commerce, Ottawa mayor applaud federal public servants’ hybrid return to work, but unions plan to fight back

Radio-Canada - December 16
Retour des fonctionnaires au bureau : l’AFPC annonce qu’elle portera plainte (French only)

CBC - December 15
Federal public servants mandated to return to office 2-3 days a week by March 31

The Hill Times - November 9
House urges Senate to review practices in light of interpreter injury concerns

La Presse - October 31
Québec et Ottawa n’ont aucune étude sur la performance (French only)

Slator - October 28
Canadian Translation Bureau Investigates Interpreter Collapse at Senate Hearing

National Newswatch - October 27
Ottawa probing language interpreter injury, says third to be hospitalized 

CBC - October 27
Parliament Hill interpreter hospitalized for 'acoustic shock'

The Toronto Star - October 25
Parliament Hill language interpreter sent to hospital, union blames lax headset rules 

CTV News - October 25
Parliament Hill language interpreter sent to hospital, union blames lax headset rules 

Le Droit - September 29
Fonctionnaires fédéraux: le retour au bureau «mal géré, inadapté et impopulaire» (French only)

Radio-Canada ICI Ottawa-Gatineau - September 29
Le retour au bureau suscite déception et frustration chez les fonctionnaires fédéraux (French only)

Radio-Canada Sur le vif - September 29
Sondage sur le retour au bureau des fonctionnaires fédéraux (French only)

CBC - September 4
COVID-19 changed office work. Here's what the 'next normal' looks like as people return 

The Hill Times - August 29
Federal departments eyeing mid-September return to office, but unions pushing back

CBC Ontario Today: 41:35 min. - August 16
Return to the office: Why are people fighting over the plan where you work?

CityNews - August 11
Public service & gov't trying to define WFH

CFRA Radio - August 9
Ottawa at Work - Greg Phillips Interview “The Federal Government Return to Work Plan Is Flawed and Rushed?”

CTV News : 1:40 min. - August 8
Push to return to the office

CBC - August 7
Many federal government employees balking at returning to offices

Le Droit - August 6 
Parlement hybride: les Canadiens comprennent-ils? (Also in Le Soleil(French only)

CFRA Ottawa - August 3
Ottawa At Work - Greg Phillips interview "The federal government return to work plans is flawed and rushed?"

Canadian Press - July 29
Public service unions say federal government's guidance on hybrid work flawed

The Hill Times - July 27
Tory House leader rails against interpreter pilot project defended as necessary amid service strain

CBC - July 20
Non-accredited interpreters a threat to 'quality of bilingualism' on Parliament Hill, advocates say

Radio Canada. Le téléjournal d'0ttawa-Gatineau : 13:50 min. - July 19 (French only)

Le Droit Numérique - July 14
Fonction publique fédérale: le maintien du télétravail réclamé par un syndicat (French only)

Radio Canada. Le téléjournal d'0ttawa-Gatineau : 4:05 min. - July 13 (French only)

ICI Ottawa-Gatineau - July 13
L’ACEP demande de reporter le retour en présentiel des fonctionnaires fédéraux (French only)

National Post - July 9
Canada's public service is collapsing. Let us count the ways

The Globe and Mail - June 15
Ottawa will ‘absolutely not’ reimburse civil servants who refused COVID-19 vaccination and were placed on unpaid leave

National Post - June 15 
Salaries of suspended unvaccinated bureaucrats will 'absolutely not' be reimbursed, federal minister says

Radio Canada. Le téléjournal d'0ttawa-Gatineau : 4:16 min. - June 14 (French only)

ICI Ottawa-Gatineau - June 14
Fin de la vaccination obligatoire : des syndicats disent ne pas avoir été consultés (French only)

The Globe and Mail - June 7
Virtual work reportedly the cause of tinnitus and other health problems for parliamentary interpreters

CBC - June 6
Hearing loss among interpreters slowing work of parliamentary committees

ICI Ottawa Gatineau - June 2
La pénurie et les blessures auditives d’interprètes perturbent des travaux parlementaires (French only)

Ici Radio. Sur le vif. - June 2 (French only)

Radio Canada. Le téléjournal d'0ttawa-Gatineau : 14:42 min. - June 2 (French only)

National Post - May 19
Three biggest federal public sector unions challenge Liberal government's 'punitive' vaccine mandate for bureaucrats

The Hill Times - May 4
PPS asks for ‘substantial increase’ to address Parliament Hill security

Policy Options - March 22
Should it stay or go? Ottawa weighs the vaccine mandate for the public service 

The Hill Times - March 9
Conservatives, Bloc cite interpreter challenges to push for end to hybrid sittings 

Policy Options - March 8 
Ottawa and unions agree to simplify pay rules for public servants 

The Hill Times - March 1
Alarms still ringing: interpreters continue to face challenges in hybrid Parliament, putting limited workforce at risk 

Radio-Canada - February 2
Sécurité des interprètes du Parlement : le syndicat porte plainte (French only)



Radio-Canada - Sur le Vif - May 27
Les défis des interprètes au Parlement depuis 1 an (Please note that CAPE survey is mentioned in this program but the interview is conducted with a freelance interpreter and not one of our members.) (French only)

Le Devoir - May 26
Les interprètes du Parlement victimes des séances virtuelles (French only)

Radio-Canada - May 26
Des victimes de racisme bâillonnées dans la fonction publique fédérale (French only)

Radio-Canada - January 25 
La majorité des interprètes du Parlement blessés depuis le début de la pandémie (French only)



The Hill Times - July 27 
Feds recognize ‘there’s more work to be done on diversifying the public service,’ says Liberal MP Alghabra

CBC - May 16
Virtual Parliament struggling with technology, security, interpretation, report says

L'Actualité - May 8
Les séances virtuelles du Parlement sont devenues un fléau pour les interprètes (French only)

National Post - May 8
Virtual parliamentary proceedings cause spike in injuries for interpreters

The Hill Times - May 6
Interpreter injuries spike due to virtual Parliament, prompt calls for quality controls

Canadian HR Reporter - February 6
Feds introduce Phoenix pay system claims process

The Post Millennial - January 25
Report reveals nepotism in Trudeau government hiring practices

The Hill Times - January 6 
Public servants still waiting to engage with public service renewal parl sec



The Hill Times - December 16
‘He has a lot of work to do’: elusive collective agreement, Phoenix damages loom large for new Treasury Board president

Law Times - December 6
Federal Crowns to get payout from Phoenix pay system

Global Governement Forum - September 24
Canadian unions agree Phoenix compensation deal

The Hill Times - May 8
Public servants concerned by ‘insulting’ Phoenix damages deal, worried claims process could be emotionally taxing

Radio-Canada - May 4
Phénix : une entente pour dédommager près de la moitié des fonctionnaires fédéraux (French only)

The Hill Times - May 3
Tentative Phoenix deal reached, but PSAC rejects feds’ offer

The Hill Times - April 24
Feds shift to non-traditional workspaces, but not everyone’s happy about it

The Hill Times - April 24
Public service grew again in 2018, rebounding from Harper-era cuts

Newswire - January 14
More tentative agreements as the Government of Canada continues to bargain in good faith



The Hill Times - September 12
Pay-related grievances at labour relations board triple post-Phoenix

The Hill Times - September 10
‘Kind of an asinine comment’: opponents react to Poilievre’s claims of ‘zero’ Phoenix pay problems under Conservatives

The Hill Times - August 27
Public Services to pitch next step for Phoenix pay fix in September

The Hill Times - August 2
Federal union faces $2.1M lawsuit filed by former president

The Hill Times - July 4
PS unions target Phoenix as next round of bargaining heats up