Participatory Budget Process 2024

A new participatory budgeting process has been created to enable you and your colleagues to directly influence the allocation of a portion of CAPE’s budget.  

Unlike traditional top-down approaches, participatory budgeting is an opportunity to provide direct input on the allocation of funds for initiatives like organizing campaigns, member services, training programs, and community outreach efforts. This inclusive approach aims to enhance transparency, accountability, member engagement, and foster ownership and democratic decision-making within the union.

It is important to note that this process does not encompass allocation of the union's entire operational budget, which is subject to a distinct membership budget consultation process. For example, many operational budget lines such as staff salary and benefits as well as office leases cannot be changed in this process. 

In addition, the proposals must comply with CAPE’s constitution, bylaws, and other established policies.

As part of this decision making process for budget 2025 you will be able to:

  • Develop proposals to allocate discretionary funds from CAPE's budget that will be voted on to be incorporated into the annual budget
  • Review and comment on CAPE’s operational expenditures
  • Make other recommendations to your colleagues on how to collect and use union resources
  • Provide input on continuously improving the participatory budget process
  • Provide input into the prioritization of proposals selected by the Finance Committee



>> Join a Participatory Budget Working Group

You may join a Participatory Budget Working Group at your local to get involved in budget conversations around discretionary funds, and to discuss and debate proposals. If your local does not have a working group, you can form one with at least five people or join the national working group.

Reach out to your local to find out if they have a Participatory Budget Working Group

Sign up for CAPE’s Participatory Budget Working Group or notify the national team that you are creating a group.

>> Submit a proposal

Members interested in submitting a proposal need to form a team of at least five members, which includes a main sponsor and four co-sponsors, then fill out the form provided (download here). 


All submissions must be received by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, August 9, 2024. Late submissions cannot be considered for the 2024 participatory budgeting process but may be retained for consideration in subsequent years.


The Finance Committee will be reviewing all proposals submitted by the August 9 deadline to assess their constitutionality and financial feasibility until the end of August, aiming for an August 23 completion date. 

The process will extend into the fall, culminating in the Membership Budget Meeting in October, and will engage the Local Leadership Council and members at different stages, before, during and after.  

For more details, questions, and support, please send us an email at and add PARTICIPATORY BUDGET in the subject line.