Submit a member resolution

Members can make their voices heard by submitting resolutions. This is a great way for members to exercise their registered member privileges. 

Resolutions are a mechanism through which members can influence the Association’s policy and general direction. It is a formal expression of opinion or of intention made by voting.

Resolutions may not propose changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws. Proposed amendments to the Constitution must comply with Bylaw #13.  Proposed amendments to the bylaws must comply with Article 17 of the CAPE Constitution.

A process governed by our constitution and bylaws 

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees contain provisions and guidelines on the submission of resolutions to the Elections and Resolutions Committee. The procedure and guidelines for properly submitting resolutions pertaining to CAPE’s policies, practices and collective bargaining are explained in the following paragraphs. 

Resolutions may not propose changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws.  

Submission guidelines 

Resolutions are not technically complicated, but according to the CAPE Constitution and Bylaws, they must meet the following criteria:

A resolution must:

  • be submitted by two registered Regular or Pending members;
  • contain the names, home departments, bargaining units and telephone numbers (during regular working hours) of all members submitting the resolutions;
  • be signed by all members submitting the resolutions;
  •  be no longer than one 8.5” x 11” page of text, using Arial 12 point font, or equivalent;
  • contain no reference to individuals or locals who are in support of the resolution;
  • be consistent with the CAPE Constitution and Bylaws;
  • be submitted to the CAPE National Office.

It is recommended that you identify the type of resolution being submitted – Policy, Practice, or Collective Bargaining. Generally, it is recommended that preamble to resolutions provide the membership with any needed background information regarding the resolutions. This may include why the resolution is being proposed, important background information, or the nature of the problem a resolution is intending to address. It should also provide a brief but persuasive argument as to why the members should vote in favour of your resolution.

Use the term “BE IT RESOLVED”.  This part of the resolution should specifically identify the actions that you wish to accomplish. 


Resolutions may be submitted at any time during the year - however, they must be received ninety (90) days before the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) typically held in November the same year.  Resolutions received after the deadline are brought forward to the following year’s resolutions process.

Resolution types 

General Resolutions are submitted to the CAPE National Office, which then submits them to the Elections and Resolutions Committee. The Elections and Resolutions Committee then determines whether the resolutions comply with the criteria outlined in the CAPE Constitution and Bylaws, including whether they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws.

The Elections and Resolutions Committee then presents the resolutions to the CAPE membership. Members will be invited to vote on the proposed resolutions when notification is sent to the membership regarding the AGM. Members are invited to discuss proposed resolutions at the AGM.

Find out more about Constitution and Bylaws Resolutions and the Collective Bargaining Resolutions  in CAPE's Constitution and Bylaws. 

Voting process

The voting process is detailed in CAPE's constitution and Bylaws. 


Resolution template

Download our Word template to begin drafting your proposed resolution. 


Elections and Resolutions Committee

If you have questions about submitting a resolution, please contact the Elections and Resolutions Committee.