CAPE offers members education and resources on topics such as labour relations, employee rights and navigating workplace issues. We publish guidance and offer in-person and online learning opportunities to all members. Our team also provides training to stewards and other CAPE officials at the local and national level. 



CAPE offers a range of resources for all members looking for more information about the union.

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Local leaders 


Being a steward is a difficult job that takes passion and commitment. To help our stewards with their work, CAPE offers them specific training and resources. Our courses provide stewards with knowledge and skills they can use not only in the workplace but in their everyday lives. 

Local leaders 

The strength of CAPE comes from its local leadership. Local leaders are highly committed, well-informed professionals who are close to the issues and the action. The recently updated local executive training will enable local leaders to expand their knowledge and skills to help ensure effective labour leadership in the workplace. 

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Other education opportunities

CAPE also promotes opportunities for education through the Joint Learning Program. 

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