Create your own caucus!

A union is most successful when rank-and-file members are empowered and able to take initiative, get involved, organize and mobilize. 

We encourage CAPE members interested in playing a leadership role in their union to form their own caucuses, so they can better organize, build traction, and take action to advance specific issues of importance to them and other like-minded members. This approach will boost your chances of advancing your common goals.

To avoid confusion, we do ask that leaders of these independent, member-driven caucuses be prudent in naming and representing their respective caucus to properly distinguish themselves from official CAPE groups, campaigns and communications. As such, we ask members wishing to form a rank-and-file caucus within CAPE to always present a highly visible disclaimer on any platform they choose to organize on that they do not represent the official views of CAPE as an organization. 

We look forward to the creation of a diverse range of caucuses, as we believe this will greatly boost member leadership and engagement, and better serve the entirety of CAPE’s membership.

Let us know if you have questions about forming your own caucus. We are available to advise you when needed. 

You can reach out to us by email at adding CAUCUS in the subject line.