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Diversity with Equity and Inclusion

Ongoing systemic barriers in the federal public service continue to be of great concern. Some members of various minority groups report feeling excluded, unfairly treated, or discriminated against in the federal public service. The need for diversity with equity and inclusion continues to be a priority as CAPE advocates for better policies and practices in the federal workplace.
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Federal Mandatory Vaccination

To curb the spread of COVID-19, the Federal government announced Friday August 13th, 2021, a unilateral decision to require mandatory vaccinations for all federal public service employees.
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Canada Life

On July 1, 2023, federal public sector employees were plunged into yet another crisis, as the Public Service Health Care Plan transferred to a new administrator – Canada Life – that was woefully unprepared to meet its obligations.
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Pay Equity

The Government of Canada has made gender equality a cornerstone of its platform. Yet, within the federal public sector, gender-based pay disparities continue to contribute to the gender wage gap, leaving workers in jobs commonly done by women underpaid and undervalued.
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When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, many workplaces around the world pivoted to the telework and hybrid work models — the Canadian federal public sector included. As we learn to live with the pandemic, with no clear end in sight, the future of the workplace is changing.
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Official Languages

Canada’s Federal Public Service is a powerful symbol of the national linguistic duality and plays a critical role in the protection and promotion of the official languages. Federal public service employees as a whole and the Translation Bureau specifically, are official languages champions but are not always empowered to lead effectively to live up to the expectations placed upon them by the employer and by Canadians who are expecting to receive high quality communication in both official languages.
Bill C-65

Bill C-65

Incidents of workplace harassment and violence are persistent, and often go unreported because people fear retaliation from their perpetrators or employers. As a result of research and concerted advocacy efforts by CAPE and many other groups and individuals, new regulations came into force at the start of the year that will address many of these problems.
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Code 699

Despite strong calls from unions to be more lenient, gradual restrictions on the use of leave with pay under Code 699 during the COVID-19 pandemic have adversely impacted some of the hardest hit federal public service employees.