Support and representation

At CAPE, we’re here to protect your employee rights and provide expert guidance and professional representation when you need it. We ensure you have the resources to understand your rights, pursue redress, and resolve workplace challenges and conflicts. 

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Your advocate in the workplace

When you have a workplace concern or an issue with your employer, you can turn to your local CAPE steward or one of our dedicated labour relations officers. Our local stewards can help you better understand your rights in the workplace. And if you need more support and representation, our team of in-house labour relations experts can step in. We handle hundreds of case files every year related to leave, performance evaluation, workplace accommodation and more. 

Stewards and labour relations officers can provide you with timely, confidential advice and support you in initiating an informal conflict resolution process as a first step. If escalation is necessary, we can provide assessments and wording for grievances and human rights complaints, help with filing grievances and complaints, and offer professional representation for you throughout the redress process. 

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To find out more about CAPE's roles and responsibilities browse our protocols.

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