Become a steward

If you want to become more active in the association, why not become a steward? Stewards are present and active in the workplace to help other members. 

What is a steward?

A steward is a registered CAPE member who officially represents the association, and who promotes and defends members’ interests in the workplace. Our stewards, like every other CAPE member, are employed by the Canadian federal public service and are a critical link between union leadership and our members.  

They help us ensure that their fellow members are treated fairly and that they have quick and easy access to the union support they need. 

What is a steward's role?

Stewards are available in the workplace to provide other members with general information and guidance, and to redirect them to CAPE if they need to be advised about their rights or need more formal support and representation.  

Stewards are also our eyes and ears on the ground. They ensure CAPE is informed of workplace developments and changes, and of any issues that could affect our membership, to allow us to step in, in a timely manner, if our members’ rights and well-being are compromised.

How do you become a steward?

To become a steward, you need to declare your interest by volunteering with your local to seek your appointment. Only registered members may become stewards.  

  • In departments, agencies or regions where there is a local, stewards are usually appointed via an election or by acclamation. 
  • In departments, agencies or regions without a local, stewards are approved by the National Executive Committee.

To find out more about the steps involved in becoming a steward, contact your local. If you do not have one, contact Julie Courty, Local Liaison Officer.


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