Local Leadership Council

The Local Leadership Council consists of the President, national vice-presidents and members of the executive committees of locals and all stewards. Members discuss matters of importance to the local leadership and can make and vote on recommendations to the NEC. Members of the Local Leadership Council meet once a year. 


In addition to the president and two vice-presidents, all members who sit on their local executive and local stewards are members of the Local Leadership Council. You can find local executive membership listings in the Locals section of our website.

Meeting Minutes 

As a democratic organization, we are accountable to the membership. In the interest of transparency, all meeting minutes are published on our website. Please note that minutes can only be published once approved by the council and translated; therefore, there can be some delay between the conclusion of a meeting and its minutes appearing online.

Click here for all meeting minutes.


There are presently no meetings or events scheduled for the Local Leadership Council.

Other useful documents

Members of this committee may find the following documents helpful in their capacity as local leaders: