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We are an association that relies on the involvement of many volunteers who generously give their time to assist our members and advocate on their behalf. Some volunteers also help oversee the governance of our association. Overall, our community of volunteers ensure our members get the support and services they deserve, wherever they are in Canada. 

Volunteer with us to build a strong union and a thriving member community!

CAPE relies on over 500 volunteer members across the country to  assist and represent other members in various capacity.  Our volunteers can offer guidance and advice to help address workplace issues. They also play a leadership role by mobilizing other members within their department or in their region, and by representing members with the employer. At the highest level, they give the association strategic direction and provide oversight. 

If you wish to make a difference, volunteer with us! 

Promoting diversity

Our membership reflects Canadian diversity and so should our association! We strongly encourage racialized members, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, women, persons with a disability and members of Indigenous communities to volunteer with us.

Become a steward

If you want to help your co-workers better understand the terms of their collective agreement, provide them with some guidance to deal with their workplace-related issues, and advocate on their behalf with the employer, you might want to become a steward. All our stewards receive special training to have the knowledge and information needed to play their role effectively. 

Become a local leader 

If you are interested in playing a local leadership role, you can run for a position on your local executive as president, vice-president, treasurer, or director . Local leaders are our eyes and ears in the workplace and are best placed to advise the national leadership. They ensure that we are informed of workplace developments, changes, and issues relating to the well-being of our members. They also interact directly with the employer and can address workplace issues acting as mediator on behalf of their local.

If there is no local in your department or region, you can create one. Contact your labour relations officer. 

Get involved in a sub-committee

If you are interested in the life and future of our association, you might want to volunteer for one of our different sub-committees. The National Executive Committee relies on input from those sub-committees to make the best decisions possible for the membership, to ensure the association meets its mandate and is compliant with its constitution and bylaws, to develop policies and to take part in general oversight activities. 

Join the National Executive Committee (NEC)

If you want to play a part in running and developing the association, you might want to run for a three-year elected mandate on the NEC. Members of the NEC play a critical leadership role. They are responsible for governance oversight, strategic direction and policy development. 

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