Framework for Good Governance: Elected and Appointed Officers

Good governance is essential to preserve the trust and confidence of our members and our key stakeholders. Good governance is also critical to ensure the Association can deliver on its mandate in compliance with the law and CAPE’s Constitution and By-Laws. CAPE’s ethical governance framework ensures all elected and appointed officers are accountable and share the responsibility to protect the integrity, reputation, stability and viability of the Association.

CAPE’s framework for good governance delineates the rules that govern elected and appointed officers. It promotes compliance with the law and all of CAPE’s governing documents and policies. It also highlights CAPE’s core values to promote actions that meet the highest standards of behaviour.

The framework helps manage legal risk and liability. It also manages leaders’ interactions and behaviours to foster a culture of accountability, confidentiality and mutual respect.

Ethical governance promotes sound decision-making, as well as healthy interactions and debates which are essential to CAPE’s democracy. CAPE is dedicated to promoting behaviours that preserve people’s respect and dignity. Anyone stepping into CAPE’s space should enjoy interactions free from harassment, intimidation, and any form of physical or psychological violence.

CAPE is committed to protecting confidential and private information because confidentiality is key to good governance. Elected and appointed officers’ access to information is controlled and limited to what is in their legal and constitutional purview.


CAPE has adopted several policies and guidelines over the years to achieve the gold standard in governance for its elected and appointed officers. Those are regularly reviewed and systematically shared with newly elected or appointed officers who are expected to comply and are subject to sanctions or discipline if found in violation.

*Elected and appointed officials include members of the National Executive Committee, stewards and local executives.

  1. Constitution and By-Laws [Access documents]

Our Constitution and By-Laws are CAPE’s main governance documents. They contain the fundamental principles which govern operations and the specific rules of guidance by which to function.

  1. Code of Ethics for Elected or Appointed Officers [Download PDF]

The Code applies to all elected and appointed officers. It commits them to the highest standard of ethics and conduct, and holds them accountable, subject to discipline or sanction if found in violation by the National Executive Committee. 

  1. Solemn Declaration [Download PDF]

The Solemn Declaration is a document that all elected and appointed officers must sign, committing them to faithfully fulfill the duties and responsibilities incumbent upon them as a CAPE officer, and to always keep confidential all internal matters concerning the Association that are brought to their attention.

  1. Harassment Prevention Policy [Download PDF]

The objective of the Harassment Prevention Policy is to foster safe and healthy relations between members of the Association when involved in CAPE business or when attending CAPE events. It applies to CAPE members interacting with other members.

  1. Policy on the use and distribution of membership lists to locals [Download PDF]

This protocol, effective since March 25, 2022, is meant to give CAPE locals access to their membership lists under strict conditions to protect members’ privacy and personal information. While granting access to those lists is critical to help locals connect with their members and build a thriving community of members supporting one another, the use of the list is strictly limited to purposes specified in the policy.

Members wishing to report a concern regarding the use of their personal information can reach out to the Association’s Privacy Officer at


At CAPE we take violation of our codes, policies and guidelines seriously. The National Executive Committee and the Association’s Privacy Officer share a responsibility when it comes to enforcing them and seeking discipline or sanctions, where appropriate, up to full membership suspension.

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Anyone with questions or concerns about CAPE’s governance or wishing to report an issue can contact us at Your message will go directly and strictly to the Executive Director only and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.