Return-to-office directive position and advocacy

On December 15, 2022, the Treasury Board Secretariat issued a directive for all federal employees to be back in the office two to three days a week starting January 16, 2023, and by no later than March 31, 2023.

CAPE Opposes Federal Return-To-Office Mandate, Denounces Lack of Rationale

The Treasury Board Secretariat announced today the rollout of a mandatory return-to-office policy that will force all federal employees to return to the office two to three days a week ─ or 40 per cent to 60 per cent of their regular schedule. It is set to begin January 16, 2023, and will be fully implemented by no later than March 31, 2023. Unions were informed shortly before the announcement was made public

Announcing new role to support Locals

We are excited to announce that we have created and filled a brand-new position entirely dedicated to guiding and supporting Locals as they seek to strengthen their ability to carry out their mandate.

Votes 2022: the results are in!

From November 10 to November 24, pursuant to CAPE’s Constitution and Bylaws, all members in good standing were invited to vote on a series of resolutions from the NEC and from the membership, to approve the Association’s financial statements and the choice of the auditing firm that will audit the Association’s financial statements. EC members in good standing were also invited to vote on their choice of EC Directors to fill the two vacant positions. Here are the results.

EC Bargaining update

The EC bargaining team has met with the employer on November 3rd and 4th for a mediation session.

It’s time to vote

Pursuant to CAPE’s Constitution and Bylaws, all members in good standing will be asked to vote on the resolutions being put forward and to approve the Association’s financial statements for 2021-2022.

Big union win today: CUPE

The Ontario Ford government has put in writing that it will rescind its legislation banning the strike of CUPE education workers. This was confirmed by CUPE in its own press conference earlier today where it announced an end to the strike to go back to the negotiating table. This demonstrates the power of unions, labour unity and collective action!

CAPE stands with CUPE education workers in Ontario

CAPE stands in solidarity with CUPE workers who are having their rights trampled on as they seek a fair deal for their critical work in the education sector. CAPE condemns the Ontario government’s invoking of the notwithstanding clause through the passage of Keeping Students in Class Act to override their right to collective bargaining, imposes a four-year contract and bars any constitutional challenge. The Ontario government knows that without this clause their legislation would not stand up to a Constitutional challenge.