Update on Interpreter’s Health and Safety – Labour Program’s decision

Following the health and safety complaint instigated by CAPE in April this year on behalf of its members working as Interpreters, the Labour Program of ESDC (formerly Labour Canada) has recognized that the current working conditions of the interpreters working at the House of Commons do not meet the health and safety requirements under the health and safety provisions of the Canada Labour Code.

CAPE calls for suspension of return to office

With the announcements by Public Health Officials in the Federal, Ontario and Quebec jurisdictions confirming that we are entering a seventh wave of COVID-19 infections, CAPE has made a request to the Treasury Board Secretariat that all return to office plans be immediately suspended until the situation improves.

The Employment Equity Act Review: CAPE makes its case before the Task Force

On July 14, 2021, the Government of Canada launched a Task Force to review the Employment Equity Act to study the Act and consult with stakeholders, communities and Canadians on issues related to employment equity. The goal is for the Task Force to make “concrete, independent and evidence-based recommendations to the Minister of Labour on how to modernize the Act.”

Update on Code 699 — arbitration decision

Following policy grievances filed by the Public Service Alliance of Canada against the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), an arbitration board ruled that the TBS could not force employees to exhaust all their other leave options before using the Code 699 leave for COVID-19-related reasons.