Update on bedbugs in federal buildings

As you may know, either from personal experience or from the news, bed bugs were found in some federal buildings in Ottawa a few weeks ago. We’ve been keeping a close eye on this issue and have discussed it with other federal unions as well as with the federal government.

Voting results 2019

From November 14 to November 28, members were asked to review and vote on CAPE National Executive Committee business: the annual budget; audited financial statements; appointed auditors; and a resolution.

A conversation with Movember Canada’s Todd Minerson

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) interviewed Movember’s Canada Country Director, Todd Minerson, who kindly accepted our invitation to tell us more about the movement, its different campaigns, and to educate us on some of the unique health challenges faced by men.

Register today for the CAPE's AGM

This year's theme will be diversity in the workplace. The federal government mirrors our society which is in constant change and evolution. Diversity is one of the many strengths of the federal public service.

Update on EC & TR Retro Pay Complaint

On January 15, 2018, CAPE filed an “unfair labour practice complaint” to the Federal Public Service Staff Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) alleging that the Treasury Board had failed to implement the EC and TR retro payments within the 150-day implementation deadline of October 21, 2017.