Labour Day 2019

Labour Day is as much about celebrating the achievements of workers as it is about recognizing the importance of labour unions. Everyday, unions fight for the right of workers to have a safe and healthy workplace, and to enjoy fair labour practices.

Pride Week Ottawa 2019

This week we welcome the 2019 edition of the Ottawa Pride Week, 33 years after Ottawa held its first parade in 1986, and 50 years after Canada decriminalized homosexuality when it passed Bill C-150 in 1969. Thanks to the efforts made by the pride movement, public opinion has dramatically shifted in support of the LGBTQ2+ rights in Canada.

EC & TR tentative agreements: time to vote!

CAPE’s bargaining teams reached tentative agreements with the Treasury Board Secretariat, and EC and TR members are now invited to vote on their respective agreement.

CAPE signs Phoenix Damage Agreement with Employer

On Wednesday June 12, 2019, the Canadian Association of Professional Employees signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Employer regarding the damages incurred by the Phoenix pay system.