CAPE’s input to the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination policy

As you know, last August the Employer announced its intention to introduce mandatory vaccination for all federal public service employees and implemented it in October with very little input from bargaining agents. The policy included reviewing it periodically, and we are pleased to say that CAPE was invited to share its recommendations in a more substantial way this time around. Please find a summary of our suggestions and rationale for the policy below.

Right to schedule vacation - ECs

CAPE has been informed that some EC members are experiencing challenges in scheduling their accrued leave credits. CAPE would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your right under the collective agreement to schedule vacation leave. It is to be noted that the language in the collective agreement does not provide any limit on the amount of leave that can be requested, nor how far in advance it can be scheduled.

Women inspiring women

Progress is made by building on the work of the people who came before us and inspired us — whether that is 50 years ago, five years ago, or even last week. This year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘women inspiring women’ speaks to just that. Today’s inspiring women leading, creating positive change, and making a difference, are building on the inspiration from women who came before them while inspiring those who will come next.

Black History Month - Spotlight on Jean-Sibert Lapolice

CAPE sat down with member Jean-Sibert Lapolice, who is also the strategic engagement and partnership lead at the Federal Black Employees Caucus (FBEC), in honour of Black History Month and the work FBEC is doing.

Demonstrations in the National Capital Region and the use of Code 699

CAPE, along with other Public Service Unions, has shared its concerns with the Employer regarding the impact that some of our members are experiencing from the ongoing demonstrations being held in the National Capital Region and elsewhere in the country. As a result of this advocacy, the Employer has agreed to consider the use of Code 699 leave in the event members are unable to work due to these disturbances. Requests for this leave can also be made retroactively for those who already used other forms of leaves.