World Mental Health Day

Mental health issues have been on the rise since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. The social and economic consequences of the lockdown have caused many Canadians to experience unmanageable stress and anxiety, which, in some cases, has produced clinical illnesses.

Justice for Joyce Echaquan

Following the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan in Joliette last month, CAPE would like to offer our deep condolences to her family, the Atikamekw community, and all Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Gender Equality Week 2020

At CAPE, we take the promotion of gender equality to heart. We believe women and men should enjoy the same benefits, privileges and rights in the workplace. No one should be held back or discriminated against because of their gender.

We have lift off!

Yes, we look a little different since September 21, 2020 and we hope you will like this new "member resource center".

Labour Day 2020

This year has certainly been one like no other. The workplace has been shaken up and completely redefined, and whether these changes are permanent has yet to be seen. The pandemic has given rise to a new way of life, for better or for worse. If there is any silver lining, it is the fact that the crisis has contributed to strengthening the labour community.

Lockdown - Staying Safe and Healthy

The lockdown and social isolation continue to be a challenge for everyone. If you find yourself struggling with mental health issues or dealing with domestic abuse and violence, don’t hesitate to seek help immediately.

National Indigenous History Month

National Indigenous History Month provides us with an opportunity to collectively celebrate the cultural richness of Canada's Indigenous communities.

National Public Service Week

The pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we could not have imagined. The federal government wasn’t spared the seismic disruption caused by COVID-19. Yet through it all, Canadians have been able to rely on hundreds of thousands of federal public service employees to keep government services running, wherever possible.

Let’s stand against anti-Black racism

oday CAPE joins its voice with Canadian leaders as well as leaders and communities around the world to stand against anti-Black racism, racial hate, systemic discrimination, and bigotry.