Liberal Party would repeal Bills C-377 and C-525

Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau, in a letter to CAPE President Emmanuelle Tremblay, informed the Association that his party, if it were to form the next government, would scrap Bill C-377 on the “transparency” of labour organizations and repeal Bill C‑525 on union representation.

Bill C-51 could compromise freedom of expression

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) believes that the federal government’s proposed Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 (Bill C-51), in its present form, could lead authorities to suppress demonstrations and activities protesting government policies, thereby restricting the freedom of expression rights of Canadians.

New negotiator for EC and TR tables

In consultation with the EC and TR bargaining committees CAPE has proceeded with interim measures to replace its negotiator who will be leaving the Association on March 17.

Survey of EC and TR members

If you are a member of the EC or TR group, you have until February 6 to respond to a brief survey on the current round of bargaining, which was sent to you by email on January 21.

2015: A time for collective solidarity

At a time when the federal public service is constantly being attacked and bashed by government ministers and MPs, however, the honour of leading such an important public service union must come with a great deal of lucidity and determination.