Highlights of the 2022 Annual General Meeting and the 2023 CAPE calendar

Thank you to all the members who were able to participate in the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held on Wednesday, November 9. Members had the chance to participate in person or virtually by Zoom.

For those who missed it, we invite you to view the AGM session here. [VIDEO]
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Advocating and Negotiating with Purpose

The AGM was held under the theme "Advocating and Negotiating with Purpose". We chose this theme because our work is deeply rooted in our desire to deliver the best value for all of our members. This year has been a challenging and busy one — it was a year of intense collective bargaining and a lot of advocacy work around the return to the office, the interpreters’ health and safety, pay and employment equity, official language, among other things — we dove right in, advocating and negotiating with conviction and determination, always keeping your best interest and wellbeing at the center of what we did.

President's Year in Review

In the first part of the evening, CAPE’s President, Greg Phillips, presented a summary of the year's accomplishments and challenges covering a wide range of topics that included the return to office and CAPE’s survey results, collective bargaining,  advocacy, government relations, labour relations, training and research. He also updated the membership on the operational and financial health of the organization at a time of growth. The president also made official that CAPE had finally reached the 23,000 members’ mark! More details of the year’s developments will be provided in the 2022 Annual Report scheduled to be published in early 2023.
Election and Resolutions Committee

The second part of the AGM was devoted to CAPE's Elections and Resolutions Committee. The chair of the ERC 2022, Andrew Dzuba, provided more information on the ongoing vote. He then invited members whose resolutions were admitted to present them to the membership ahead of the vote. He then invited the six EC candidates for the two EC Director positions on National Executive Committee (NEC) to address the membership for the last time before the vote.

Audited Financial Statements

The audited financial statements were prepared and presented by McCay Duff LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. View the audited financial statements.

Vote and resolutions

All members in good standing were invited to vote on a series of resolutions from the NEC and from the membership, to approve the Association’s financial statements and the choice of the auditing firm that will audit the Association’s financial statements. EC members in good standing were invited to vote on their choice of EC Directors to fill the two vacant positions.

Access the results page here.

Q&A: Answering all questions submitted by CAPE members

CAPE received a record number of questions ahead of the AGM that it could not cover in their entirety during the event given the limited time. While the emerging themes were addressed, CAPE committed to responding to all individual questions and to sharing them with the membership.

All our answers are now available for download.

2023 CAPE calendar

In case you missed it, here is the 2023 CAPE calendar which was originally published in December 2022.  Like previous editions, the CAPE calendar identifies statutory holidays and government pay days. In addition, we have included potential holidays for provinces and territories. Click here to download your copy.