Introducing CAPE Digital Membership Cards

CAPE is excited to share that we now have digital membership cards available to all registered members. No more worries about losing your card or taking up more space in your wallet.

These new digital cards are easily accessible on your smartphone and are dynamic so CAPE can always update the cards even after they are downloaded. They will save the Association money and reduce our use of plastic. These also make the cards easier to distribute to our members across the country.

The digital membership cards can easily be used for union events and meetings, as well as in case you ever need to show proof of union membership for other purposes.

Just like other digital cards you may already have, the CAPE digital membership card is easily added to your smartphone using Apple Wallet or Google Pay. On the card you will see your membership number, your name, and your local number.


CAPE Members Portal

You can easily download your membership card by logging in to the members portal and clicking on “My Membership Card”. On the following page, you can either add the card to your smartphone wallet or if you are accessing the portal from your computer, you can use the QR code on screen to download it to your smartphone.

To log in to the portal, simply go to the membership portal and enter your account credentials. If you do not remember your email and password or experience any problems logging in, please email for assistance.

If you don’t have a digital wallet but still need to prove your membership, you can log in to the portal from your smartphone browser and show your portal account from the web. You can take a screenshot of this page and use it for identification in the absence of a digital wallet.

If after you receive your card you notice that any information is incorrect, please contact to provide additional information.