Statement regarding Phoenix

The following is a transcript of our statements to the media regarding Phoenix, as read by André Picotte on February 23, 2017.

Press release - Phoenix

On the first anniversary of Phoenix, the three largest federal public service unions are urging the government to include a $75 million Phoenix contingency fund in the upcoming federal budget.

Translation Bureau: concrete commitments from Minister Foote

During her appearance before the House of Commons standing committee on official languages on February 9, the Hon. Judy Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, made some firm commitments regarding the future of the Translation Bureau.

Fingerprinting in the public service

Back in October 2014, the Harper government introduced a new standard on security screening measures aimed at public servants, which included fingerprinting and credit checks. Public service unions, including CAPE, denounced the government’s actions as unacceptably invasive.