2019 Federal Election: CAPE's Official Statement

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) welcomes the results of the federal election 2019 and stands ready and open to work with the new government.

With a minority government in place, the leading party will face the challenge of having to work with other parties to develop new policies and pass legislation, and of managing opposing priorities that could quickly shift attention away from issues that matter most to public service employees. We therefore encourage the new government to lead collaboratively and to actively champion public service employees’ concerns, making sure they are a top priority for every new and re-elected member of government.

Meanwhile, CAPE will continue to pursue opportunities to better advance the interests of its members. Particularly, CAPE will seek to work closely with members of every party to accelerate the resolution of outstanding issues that have been passed on from one government to the next. Some of those include the Phoenix pay system failure, the outstanding retro-pay due to hundreds of federal employees, and unresolved health and safety issues in the workplace that have been decried by federal employees for years.

CAPE remains committed to ensuring its members’ voices are heard.

Greg Phillips