Updates for RCMP civilian members

Below are some updates that may be of interest to our RCMP Civilian Members.

CAPE has been persistently trying to meet with RCMP leadership about C-Division concerns for many months. Despite repeated attempts, we are still waiting for a response. We will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Deeming is a long and complex process. The RCMP has indicated that they are still waiting on the Treasury Board for a decision as to when deeming might take place which means that, for now, there is still no confirmed date for deeming.  However, it is anticipated that Treasury Board will want to wait for the NextGen HR and Pay system to be in place to prevent further issues through Phoenix.  We understand that the NextGen system is not expected until 2025 at the earliest, but it’s a long and complicated process and they are doing what they can to avoid more problems so that date could change. A reminder that CAPE is here to support you and our Labour Relations Officers are always ready to assist you with any workplace related questions or concerns.

Stay tuned as CAPE will be sending out a survey to RCMP civilian members to ensure we gather as much data as possible to help inform next steps.

Lobby day
CAPE will have a delegation at the upcoming Canadian Labour Congress’ Lobby Day on February 7 where one of our topics will be the RCMP file. Stay tuned for an update shortly after the lobby day.

Collective bargaining
A reminder that RCMP civilian members are included as part of our EC bargaining. Updates are emailed as available and posted on the CAPE website.

Please share
If you know of civilian members in your classification who aren’t receiving CAPE newsletters, you can send them this link to register their membership officially and to join our email lists so they get updates.