CAPE calls for suspension of return to office

With the announcements by Public Health Officials in the Federal, Ontario and Quebec jurisdictions confirming that we are entering a seventh wave of COVID-19 infections, CAPE has made a request to the Treasury Board Secretariat that all return to office plans be immediately suspended until the situation improves. 

CAPE is concerned with the serious and unnecessary risk to the health and safety of our members being required to return to the workplace amidst this seventh wave. Hospitals simply cannot handle any unnecessary increases in infection rates. 

The Employer is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of its employees as detailed in Part II of the Canada Labour Code which deals with Occupational Health and Safety. 

Enabling our members to continue to work remotely is and remains the best approach to eliminating the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace.

If you are required to return to the workplace and have concerns for your health and safety, please raise your concerns with your manager or contact your Labour Relations Officer for further assistance.