Members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) chair and participate in various sub-committees. Some of these sub-committees are also open to any member wanting to volunteer. They are established to advise and provide support to the NEC. 

National Executive Sub-Committees

The following sub-committees are constituted according to CAPE’s constitution. They report directly to the National Executive Committee (NEC). The constitution of each committee varies, some may exclude non-NEC members, or conversely, may exclude members of the NEC.

Other committees and working groups

CAPE has other committees and working groups dedicated to specific subjects and operating under more flexible rules. Committee or working group members may meet on an as-needed basis. They offer general advice and guidance to the NEC and to the management team to help address or advance specific issues, or to support projects.

Join a sub-committee

If you wish to join a sub-committee, fill out our volunteer registration form. A member of our team will contact you to go over the next steps with you.

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