National President

Nathan Prier



Contact the president

If you wish to contact CAPE President Nathan Prier you can do so using the information below:

Clarisse Habarugira, Executive Assistant to the President
(613) 613.236.9181 | 1.800.265.9181 extension 279

About the presidency

The presidency is a full-time paid position. The candidate is selected from CAPE members through a national election, for a three (3) year mandate.

Read more about the presidency and other positions in our constitution and bylaws.


Previous Presidents

2023: Scott Crawford, EC member

2023: Camille Awada, EC member

2018-2023 (Two terms): Greg Phillips, EC member

2015-2017: Emmanuelle Tremblay, EC member 

2009-2014 (Two terms): Claude Poirier, TR member

2005-2008: José Aggrey, EC member

1991-2004: Bill Krause, EC member*

*Krause was consecutively the president of the Economists’, Sociologists’ and Statisticians’ Association, which then became the Social Science Employees Association, which finally became the Canadian Association of Professional Employees. See our history page for more details.