Mandatory Vaccinations: Next Steps

On August 13, 2021, the Federal Government announced a policy of mandatory vaccination for federal public service employees.  

As the country enters a fourth wave of the pandemic and COVID cases continue to rise, it’s more important than ever for Canadians to do everything they can to protect each other, slow the spread of the virus in our communities and do what it takes to rid ourselves of the pandemic.  

CAPE recognizes the importance of vaccinations and welcomes all efforts to increase vaccination coverage across Canada. As such, we strongly encourage all members who can get the vaccine to do so.

The announcement around mandatory vaccinations was sudden, provided little details around the consequences for non-compliance and failed to lay out any necessary exceptions.  Without further information and meaningful consultation on what a policy on mandatory vaccination would require, CAPE cannot adequately guide or advise members. 

It is important that any decision that seeks to implement vaccine requirements for federal public service employees, also consider exceptions for workers who cannot be vaccinated for reasons protected under human rights legislation.

The details of the government’s mandatory policy have yet to be outlined.  CAPE is actively working with the government and other union partners, through the National Joint Council, as well as our National Executive Committee to provide meaningful input on the proposed policy. CAPE will also continue to advocate for the government to maintain other measures that help to reduce exposure to the virus, including telework, varied work schedules, and flexibility for family care.  

CAPE will share additional information with its members as the consultation process unfolds and as details of the employer’s proposed plan are formalized.

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