CAPE files policy grievances against Mandatory Vaccination Policy

This is to inform EC and TR members that CAPE has filed two policy grievances against their employer, the federal government, on Wednesday, May 11 contesting its Policy on COVID-19 Vaccination.

CAPE believes the evolving context makes it difficult to continue justifying the terms of the current Policy. CAPE maintains its original position that members who do not wish to be vaccinated should be accommodated rather than suspended without pay. 

CAPE believes its members should be accommodated by being allowed to continue to work from home. 

CAPE currently has approximately 100 members suspended without pay because of this Policy and has brought individual grievances contesting these suspensions. 

Meanwhile, the vast majority of CAPE members continue to work from home, and 98.5 per cent of public service employees have been vaccinated.

The Policy called for a review at a minimum every six months (Art. 4.5.2), yet the Employer has failed to meet this minimum, without any indication of when it intends to review the Policy.

We will keep you updated on the progress of those grievances when information is available.


Issues page: Federal Mandatory Vaccination Policy