Staff list

Administrative support 

Cassandre Gbegbe, Administrative Assistant
Manar Clarke, Administrative Assistant
Patricia Kumbakisaka, Administrative Assistant
Stefanie Pantalone, Administrative Assistant  

Communications, public affairs and government relations

Dina Epale, Advocacy and Public Affairs Advisor
Patrick O’Reilly, Communications Specialist
Sarra Ndayishimiye, Communications Specialist

Education and training

André Poliquin, Labour Relations and Education Officer

Finance, procurement and IT

Francis Raposo, IM and IT Coordinator
Isabelle Gaetz, Administrator, Membership Dues Accounts
Liana Griffin, Procurement Coordinator
Mark Courty, Payroll and Accounting Assistant
Shawn Cesar, Membership Accounts

Research and analysis

Jesael Lisiecki, Research Officer 
Valérie Emadisson, Research Assistant
Tristan DiFrancesco, Research Assistant 

Management Team 

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