Québec Regional Council

The Québec Regional Council was created in 2020 and represents the following locals:

Terms of Reference

The Québec Regional Council was created in 2020 to better serve the two local unions in this region. The goal of the Council is to provide regional support tailored to the needs of our members. It will meet twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. The meetings’ location will depend on the cost and availability of premises and will alternate between Québec and Montréal. 

Click here for complete Terms of Reference. 

Meeting Minutes

There are currently no minutes available at this time. 


Québec Regional Council Members

Greg Phillips     QRC Chair
CAPE President
Jean Laneville
Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Andriy Okladov
Justice Canada
Tyler Andrews
Infrastructure Canada
Jason Preston
Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada
Martial Ménard
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Ali Magassouba
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Alexandre-Guy Côté
Environment and Climate Change Canada

CAPE Staff

André Poliquin
CAPE Labour Relations Officer
Julie Courty    
QRC Secretary