TR Negotiations – Final mediation session in February 2023

In our most recent update, we informed you that mediation was still underway before going to arbitration. On February 7 and 8, your TR bargaining team will participate in a mediation session with the Treasury Board, under the supervision of the mediator appointed by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.

The same two issues remain in dispute:
1. the economic agreement, for which the Employer insists on offering rates that represent a pay reduction in relation to inflation;
2. working conditions for remote simultaneous interpretation, for which the Employer and the Translation Bureau refuse to admit that there are major health and safety problems.

Both parties want to give it one last chance. CAPE has sent a clear message to the Treasury Board that we are willing to be creative in reaching a negotiated settlement, but not at the cost of unacceptable concessions to our members.