A second virtual tour together with our community

Despite an enduring global pandemic with restrictions and lockdown measures in place since March 2020, our member community is still going strong. A total of 29 local AGMs were held this year.

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Online meetings have now become the norm for everybody, and this pandemic has forced us to go through a second round of traveling across the country virtually by clicking to connect with our members.

We know that logging into yet another virtual meeting amongst a busy day was a lot to ask and we appreciate that participants made the effort to attend their local’s most important annual event despite their virtual fatigue. Hopefully we will be able to hold these meetings in person next year.

CAPE President Greg Phillips and other members of the CAPE management team were able to participate in fruitful exchanges with members of CAPE’s departmental and regional locals.

Some of the topics covered were collective bargaining, the mandatory vaccination policy, post-pandemic workplace, and economic recovery. Membership engagement was also touched upon because like many unions, CAPE has been grappling with the challenge of keeping its membership involved and active during the pandemic and local AGMs are a critical touch point during the year to figure out the best way to keep everyone focused and engaged.

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In addition, updates were provided on the following:

  • Bargaining round commencement
  • Public Service Health Care Plan negotiations
  • Phoenix damages
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion sub-committee
  • Canadian Labour Congress
  • CAPE’s new office space for 2022
  • Budget and dues increase

"This was another difficult year, but again federal public service employees persevered and served with dedication," said Greg Phillips, CAPE President. “I always appreciate the local AGM season as it's a great opportunity to connect with and hear from members. The feedback we get from these meetings informs our consultation work with the employer, but also helps us better understand each local’s specific challenges and respond more appropriately."

As we wind down the calendar year, CAPE would like to thank everyone involved in their locals and who attended the AGMs this year.