PRIDE MONTH 2021: Creating safe and inclusive workplaces

Show your colours during Pride Month and every day! Pride is about expressing your true self, and about self-love and social acceptance.

However, when it comes to embracing others’ true selves, the question remains: how much progress have we really made in the inclusion of LGBTQ2+ people in Canadian society and in the federal public service?

According to a report released by the LGBT Purge Fund last month, not enough.

The report notes an “alarming lack” of a clear strategy with explicit goals for LGBTQI2S inclusion practices across federal workplaces. The report includes 23 recommendations to improve training and inclusion in the federal government and urges Prime Minister Trudeau to hold ministers accountable for implementing the recommendations.

June is Pride Month: A month dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQ2+ communities across the world. A month in which we recognize the resilience and determination of many people who have fought and continue to fight for their lives and their human rights. A month in which we reaffirm our commitment to addressing homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

At CAPE, we believe that everyone has the inalienable right to live their lives without fear of reprisal. Everyone has the right to feel safe and free in the society they live in, and in the workplace.

We encourage our members to take a stand and play an active role in eliminating all forms of discrimination and stigma towards the LGBTQ2+ community as we continue to advocate for a safer and more inclusive federal workplace.

See something. Say something. Do you need help? Contact us.

If you are a CAPE member and feel discriminated against or harassed, please talk to one of our labour relations officers to learn more about your rights and various recourses.

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