National Volunteer Week 2021

Dear Members,

It is that time of the year when I would like to invite you to join me in celebrating and expressing gratitude to all our volunteers across the country.  Our community is now 500 people strong, and I cannot thank them enough for all the energy they have invested in advocating and supporting their fellow federal public service colleagues.  

Our volunteers are our heartbeat and give full sense and meaning to what we are as an association: a community of hard-working, generous and dedicated professionals eager to make a difference. Our volunteers are better known as stewards, local leaders, sub-committee members and members of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Having myself volunteered for CAPE for over 12 years, the majority of which as the president of Local 503, and as a member of the NEC for many years prior to becoming the president of your association, I understand the important role that volunteers play and how rewarding it can be despite the bumps along the way.  Overall, it has been a positive experience for me and many others. Supporting your union will take you on a journey of growth and learning, developing new skills, shaping your character, and boosting your confidence.

If you are passionate about the federal public service and want to work towards making your work environment better, I encourage you to consider joining CAPE as a volunteer, to dive into a new experience that could provide you with valuable learning opportunities and the chance to have input into improving the working conditions for not only yourself, but also for all your colleagues.

Building an association that best represents our diversity is important to all of us. We need you to step forward if you feel that your community is under-represented within the leadership of your association. I would like to make a special appeal to racialized individuals, members of the LGBTQ2+ communities, women, persons with a disability and First Nation people to consider volunteering. Playing an active role in your union is the best way to build the association you need and to effect change in the workplace. Your involvement with CAPE would go a long way toward those goals.

In the coming months, you will be presented with various volunteer opportunities. Don’t hesitate to sign up!  

Meanwhile, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience as a CAPE volunteer, please share your ideas with us at­.

Once again, thank you to all the volunteers for your support! Your hard work has led us where we are today.

Wishing you well during these difficult times,

Greg Phillips

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