Government is Suspending its Mandatory Vaccination Policy

The Government has announced today it is suspending its Mandatory Vaccination Policy, effective Monday, June 20. It also announced that unvaccinated employees on administrative leave could be reinstated the same day.

CAPE is caught by surprise, as there were no consultations with bargaining agents before the announcement. In the coming days, CAPE will be looking into the details, asking for clarification on a number of aspects, and pursuing answers.

Advocating for telework to manage ongoing health risks

CAPE is aware that there is still an ongoing pandemic — the Government noted that the policy could be reinstated should the situation escalate in the fall.

The sudden and abrupt change from one extreme to the other without a clear and sound transition plan is unsettling. CAPE will push for prudent and realistic transition measures that consider foreseeable safety risks.

As we have always done, CAPE will continue fighting for its members to have a safe and healthy work environment and for accommodation to be granted where applicable.

Furthermore, as is our long-standing practice, CAPE will continue to raise the issue of remote work and advocate for the adoption of telework/hybrid arrangements as the future of work, wherever possible.

We have been advocating for the Government to show flexibility around remote work arrangements for some time and will continue to do so.

Supporting members with grievances

CAPE will continue supporting members with grievances.

Questions from members

If you are a member and have urgent questions, please contact us at Please note that CAPE will communicate further once more details are known, and the Treasury Board Secretariat has answered our questions.


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