Celebrating Innovation and Perseverance for Asian Heritage Month

Asian Canadians are part of a rich history of our country creating strong bonds and exchanges with communities across the Asian continent, with their descendants and immigrants building the country we know today.

Approximately 4.7% of federal public sector employees identify as Asian Canadians.

We at CAPE are proud of our Canadian diversity and of how the many cultures of the world have contributed to shaping this nation. Our common hopes and aspirations bring us together and our differences make us stronger and able to innovate.

The Asian Canadian community’s contribution is one that we celebrate, treasure, and strive to protect.

CAPE stands by its Asian Canadian members and reaffirms its commitment to addressing racial issues that may get in the way of their success, be it racism or racial discrimination, within the federal public sector.

Join us in celebrating Asian Heritage Month!

Need help?

Contact your Labour Relations Officer or your Local.



The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion’s Anti-Asian discrimination resources[PDF]

Network of Asian Federal Employees (NAFE)

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada’s Resources for Combatting Anti-Asian Racism & Learning About Canadians of Asian Descent

Act2EndRacism’s Let’s Talk video series about anti-Asian racism