CAPE President Steps Down, Camille Awada Designated by Board

On Friday, May 5, Greg Phillips stepped down as CAPE President by submitting his resignation to the National Executive Committee (NEC), citing personal reasons following much reflection and long-term considerations.

In accordance with CAPE’s Constitution as per vacancies, article 21.1, the NEC designated Camille Awada, EC, LoP and OPBO Vice-President, to serve as President. In turn, the EC, LoP and OPBO Vice-President position will be filled in an upcoming NEC meeting to allow candidates to consult with their families and their employer.

Camille Awada was first elected to the NEC in 2018 as a director and became the EC, LoP and OPBO Vice-President in January 2021. He officially assumes his new role as CAPE President starting today and will be in the position for the remainder of the mandate, which ends December 31, 2023. All the NEC positions are up for re-election this year and a call for nominations will go out no later than June 1, 2023.

Until then, efforts will be made by the President and CAPE management to ensure a smooth transition. Collective bargaining and advocacy work will continue as planned.

The Association remains deeply committed to keeping the focus on its membership, and making sure it meets its objectives for the year.