CAPE complaint against the Treasury Board for its violation of the terms and conditions during the statutory freeze period

Monday, CAPE filed a complaint against Treasury Board for its return-to-office mandate during the statutory freeze period while negotiating the renewal of the EC collective agreement.

CAPE continues to oppose the return-to-office mandate’s timing and lack of operational rationale, but especially during the collective agreement negotiation period, as this fundamentally changes the working conditions during the statutory freeze period.

EC members, along with the other federal public sector workers, have been working hard remotely for the last three years, pivoting to adapt to new circumstances caused by the pandemic, with continued high productivity and services to Canadians.

CAPE continues to fight for its members’ negotiation rights to be respected so that it can have fair conversations about working conditions such as hybrid work.

A reminder that the return-to-office issues page on our website offers updates, as well as action  and guidance for members.