2021 Federal Election: Main Political Parties Respond to our Questionnaire

In the lead-up to the federal election to be held on Monday, September 20, CAPE reached out to all five political parties represented in Parliament with questions related to federal public service employees, and most relevant to our members specifically.

As the next government will have an enormous impact on your work, it is important to know each party’s position on several important themes.

Download their answers here:

CAPE’s questions were centered around the following themes:

  1. Mandatory vaccination
  2. Post-pandemic economic recovery plan
  3. Public debt
  4. Teleworking/remote working
  5. Return to the workplace, and health and safety issues
  6. Employment equity
  7. Official languages
  8. Federal interpreters/translators
  9. Mental health and safety in the workplace
  10. Diversity and inclusion/harassment and discrimination
  11. Artificial intelligence and digital transformation
  12. Environmental responsibility
  13. Retention and recruitment – Canadian federal public service

Click here to access the questions.