Voting Sub-committee

The sub-committee will review the issue of low voter turnout within the Association by examining voting initiatives and incentives being utilized by other unions and draw from successful strategies. They will make recommendations to the NEC and provide guidance on the implementation of activities and resources designed to increase efforts to boost the Association’s membership voting numbers. The sub-committee will also review the voting system types to propose new methods such as ranked voting and voting thresholds for specific types of votes.


Terms of Reference

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Meeting Minutes

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There is currently no meeting scheduled for the Voting Sub-committee. 



Ann Kurikshuk-Nemec (Chair)

Statistics Canada
Greg Phillips
CAPE National President 
Statistics Canada
Camille Awada Statistics Canada
Emmanuelle Tremblay  Global Affairs Canada

CAPE Staff

Cassandre Gbegbe Committee Secretary
Jennifer George Senior Advisor to the President
Jesael Lisiecki Research Officer 
Tristan DiFrancesco Research Assistant