TR Bargaining: reaching an impasse!

After four months of negotiations at the TR bargaining table, CAPE’s bargaining team has reached an impasse. As a result, the team is recommending that the collective bargaining committee refer the outstanding issues for arbitration.

Here is why we are declaring an impasse:

  1. A near total rejection of our proposals.
  2. Unacceptable concessions sought by the employer, on issues such as working hours, overtime, call-back pay, advance notice requirements, the ability to communicate with employees on social networks and leave without pay for the care of family.
  3. A completely unrealistic wage offer, given the economic situation.
  4. The employer’s refusal to include in the collective agreement provisions on remote interpretation.

What to expect next?

With the bargaining committee’s approval, CAPE will file an application for arbitration with the federal labour relations board.

We will keep all our TR members updated as the process unfolds.

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