Submit a Resolution!

You can make your voice heard by submitting resolutions. This is a great way for all registered members to exercise their privileges. 

Resolutions are a mechanism through which members can influence the Association’s policy and general direction. It is a formal expression of opinion or of intention made by voting.

Example of resolution


Resolutions may be submitted at any time during the year - however, they must be received ninety (90) days before the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) typically held in November the same year.  Resolutions received after the deadline are brought forward to the following year’s resolutions process.

The 2022 AGM is be scheduled to take place on Wednesday November 9, 2022. This gives you until August 11 to submit your resolution this year.

Check out our website for guidance on how to proceed!

Any questions about resolutions should be submitted to the Elections and Resolutions Committee at :