Solidarity with PSAC

PSAC members are on strike. CAPE stands in solidarity with those workers as they join picket lines across the country to fight for a fair, equitable and respectful collective bargaining agreement.

>> Display your solidarity in other creative ways 

Picketing is one of many ways to stand in solidarity with PSAC. Below you will find a strike support toolkit which includes virtual backgrounds and posters you can print at home.

*These backgrounds can be used on Teams or Zoom meetings, but your employer could ask you not to use them at work. 

>>Standing with strikers during non-working hours

You can support your colleagues by joining a picket line during off-work hours, such as before or after work or on your lunch break. PSAC has developed a picket line finder that you can access here to find the location nearest you.

While you are encouraged to show your solidarity, including by joining picket lines during non-work hours, you must still report for work on the hours that you are scheduled and continue to perform your duties.  Always remember to comply with the employer’s code of conduct as you support the strikers.

In-kind donations to picketers are welcome: water, tea, coffee, donuts, etc.!


Many of you have concerns about how the strike will impact you and your work. Should you have questions, please consult our FAQ page which we are updating regularly as the situation evolves. If you do not find what you are looking for, please submit your question through our PSAC Strike Question platform, which will remain open until further notice.

You can also email if you have questions or concerns.

>>Information session recording

Hundreds of CAPE members joined three information sessions held on April 13 and 17. If you missed them, please watch a recording from the Monday, April 17 noon session.

>>Check for updates

Please continue to check your emails and follow CAPE on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates throughout the strike and for information about how CAPE is showing solidarity.