Official call for nominations: EC Directors

If you want to play a more active role in your union and shape its future, there is currently two openings for EC directors on the National Executive Committee. Here are the rules governing the election of a member to this post. Please note that interested members must file their nomination papers no later than September 1, 2016.

Official call for nominations

This is an official call for nominations to fill vacancies on the National Executive Committee.

Pursuant to the CAPE Constitution, an Elections and Resolutions Committee has been established to oversee the upcoming elections. Subject to the By-Laws, the Elections and Resolutions Committee shall organize and oversee all election and voting processes, with the exception of the ratification of tentative agreements. Members of the Elections and Resolutions Committee are not eligible to stand as candidates for election to the National Executive Committee (NEC).  Members of the Elections and Resolutions Committee shall not campaign in support of or against a candidate nor publicly divulge their opinion on a resolution. 


Two (2) Director positions for the EC group.

Successful candidates will serve for the remainder of the three-year term until the next general election, with their duties commencing on January 1st, 2017, and ending on December 31, 2017. 

Click to go to the nomination form* for the Director position for the EC group on the NEC. You will find the profile for the position at the end of this document. You may also consult the Constitution and By-Laws for further information on the role and responsibilities of the position, and the voting process.

The nomination form may be accompanied by two pages (8 1/2 x 11) of text using Arial 12 point font or equivalent in which the candidate may provide a biography, his/her reason for running, contact information and a website address. Photographs and information about social media accounts are also allowed, within the page limit.  For further information, please refer to the CAPE By-Laws.

Please take special note that nominations to a Director’s position shall be supported by one (1) Regular or Pending member of the Association. Nominations shall not be accompanied by more supporting names than the number required.  On the nomination form, candidates shall clearly indicate the following: position sought, name, home department, bargaining unit and telephone number where they can be reached during regular working hours; and the form must be signed.  Anyone supporting the nomination of a candidate pursuant to article B3.4 is required to provide the same information and sign the nomination form. (Ref.: B3.5 By-Laws)

Completed nomination forms in any format with verifiable signatures shall be received at the National Office no later than 4:00 p.m. on September 1st, 2016.

We strongly urge members to take an active interest in the affairs of CAPE by coming forward to stand as candidates for the NEC or encouraging your colleagues to present themselves.  It is only through your participation that the Association is able to remain a vibrant and productive organization.

Should further vacancies occur on the NEC prior to the closing of the nomination period, the Elections and Resolutions Committee may consider issuing an update to this official call for nominations. 


The Elections and Resolutions Committee will issue an official call for resolutions to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting at a later date. Please see Bylaw three for additional information on submitting a resolution.

National Executive Committee Directors

Duties – National Executive Committee members are required to attend annual general meetings and monthly National Executive Committee meetings.  As members of various Association committees they perform duties as assigned by the National Executive Committee.

Benefits - The position is a voluntary one (unpaid).  Members are compensated if the performance of their Association duties requires them to take leave from their government position.

The National Executive Committee, as a whole, is responsible for establishing Association objectives, policies and guidelines.  The National Executive Committee, subject to membership approval, may propose, vary, or rescind By-laws and exercise executive authority


A Regular Member is any member of a bargaining unit for which the Association is the bargaining agent, who has applied for Regular Membership in the Association, and whose dues are being remitted. A Pending Member is someone for whom the Association has received an application form to be a Regular Member but whose dues have not yet been remitted.

Please Note: EC nomination form for 2016 election no longer available.