Northern homeowners remain part of NJC’s Shelter Cost Differential program

The National Joint Council (NJC) has amended the previously announced changes to the Shelter Cost Differential (SCD) program, ensuring that federal employees in the North who own their homes will continue to receive the housing cost allowance. CAPE is pleased to see this change, as it had been tirelessly consulting with affected members and voicing its concern.

The changes announced in July expanded the program to new communities but specified that the subsidy would only apply to renters or those living in government housing. Prior to these changes, the SCD had been provided to all employees – both renters and homeowners – who lived in a SCD location.

The NJC has now reversed course and clarified that homeowners will continue to receive the SCD allowance.

The SCD subsidy helps to offset the higher costs of living and working in Canada’s northern communities, which is critical to attracting and retaining workers in the North.