Mental Health Week — May 1 – 7

Mental Health Week is a great opportunity to remember that mental health is an essential aspect of an individual's wellbeing and is just as important as our physical health. We are all at risk of being affected by a mental illness at one time or another, which is why we must not only address the issue appropriately, but also eliminate any judgment or stigma around it.

This year's theme "My Story" aims to encourage people to share their stories and experiences with others. When people are seen and heard – and no one feels alone – it goes a long way towards building safer, healthier and stronger communities.

Mental health concerns us all. No one should ever suffer in silence. By being open to others, we can help break down the barriers to mental health support systems and ensure that people seek the care they need.

For public sector employees to make the most of their diversity, varied talents, skills and knowledge to provide the best services to Canadians, they need a healthy work environment that supports their physical and psychological health.

CAPE continues to be an advocate for mental health to ensure everyone has the support and resources they need, because good mental health is a fundamental part of our overall health and wellbeing.

Help Centres

Preventing suicide: Warning signs and how to help
Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace
Crisis Hotlines across Canada
Resources – Caring for your Mental Health during COVID-19
Get help with problematic substance use


You can also call the National Service Call Centre at 1-800-463-1850 and/or the Occupational Health and Safety Committee in your workplace to inform them of the situation and seek further guidance.

Do you have questions? Contact your Labour Relations Officer or your Local