Members’ lists now accessible to Locals!

We have some positive news to share!

We are happy to inform you that communications between you and your Local are about to get easier and more seamless. 

From today onward, Locals will have better access to their members through a new direct emailing modality.

Note that, despite this change, you will continue to receive updates from CAPE National as well, as CAPE members are automatically signed up for our general updates.

Stringent privacy protection

The protection of our members’ information is paramount.

Locals have received email guidelines [PDF] around the management of their communications with their members. They are subject to strict rules that are outlined in our recently adopted policy [PDF].  

Note that you will have the option to report any mismanagement or abuse of your contact information by a Local executive by notifying The matter will be treated with confidentiality and as the utmost priority.

General guidelines

Locals can only use members’ contact information to:

  • Serve as a link between the members at the Local level, the National Office and the National Executive Committee,
  • Inform and be informed of matters of concern and of interest to members in the workplace,
  • Inform members about the Association and its activities,
  • Assist in the promotion of the Association’s policies and programs,
  • Aid in recruiting Rand (non-registered) members, and
  • Endeavour to develop a team atmosphere in the workplace.

Manage your preferences

If you do not wish to receive communications from your Local or from CAPE National, or from neither, you may customize your communication preferences on the members portal. To remove your contact information from lists provided to locals, log in to the portal, select ‘Edit Profile’, and select ‘No’ on the Local Lists field.

You can always change your preferences if you change your mind in the future.

You are still considered a member in good standing with all the rights and privileges you are entitled to even if you choose to no longer receive email communications.

Please note that unsubscribing from the local lists does not affect your ability to participate in votes and elections and receive other critical communications from National.

Empowering Locals and reviving our networks

The new system will help locals better perform the tasks mentioned above and to strengthen CAPE’s member community by allowing more fluid communications between Locals and their members.

We trust our Local executives in managing their members’ contact information with the greatest care.

We hope this will help improve the accessibility of our volunteers and ultimately improve our support to our members.



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