EC Collective Bargaining Update

The EC bargaining committee surveyed CAPE’s EC membership in late June and early July in order to get direction for the coming round of bargaining. A record number of members participated in the survey with over 35% of EC members describing their expectations and identifying their priorities. The committee reviewed the survey results over the summer and prepared contract language in September. The priorities identified by the membership and committee for the current round are, in descending order: pay; pay administration; adding a designated paid holiday in February; improvements to vacation leave; carryover of family-related-responsibility leave; harassment; and Employment Insurance-related leave and allowances.

A comprehensive package of proposals including these priorities was prepared for the bargaining table and submitted to the Employer at a first bargaining session on Friday October 19. During the exchange, CAPE’s EC bargaining team received the Employer’s proposals. Both parties expressed an interest in completing this round of bargaining without delay, and the Employer appeared prepared to focus on the most important issues,  including the limitations of the pay system.

The parties return to the table December 11, 12 and 13. Bargaining dates are also scheduled for January 15-16-17 and February 12-13-14

We will update you following the December session.