CAPE congratulates the Public Service Alliance of Canada

CAPE wishes to congratulate the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) on having reached a tentative deal for its Treasury Board group members. PSAC’s Canada Revenue Agency members are still on strike and awaiting a tentative agreement.

The collective action of tens of thousands of PSAC members who walked the picket lines paves the way for advancements in collective bargaining for workers within and beyond the federal public sector. Thank you to all the CAPE members who showed solidarity with their PSAC colleagues and provided their support to the workers on the picket lines or otherwise. We are hopeful that the employer will continue to negotiate in good faith to resolve outstanding issues at the bargaining table with other employee groups still waiting for agreements, including the Union of Taxation Employees still on strike and CAPE’s various bargaining units.

CAPE is optimistic that these hardships will pave the way for more fair and equitable collective agreements for all public sector workers in this round of bargaining.